Mitchell NC #374

We have recently added this Mitchell NC, serial #374, to our collection. It was meticulously serviced, being very careful not to remove the patina and scars of a camera that has seen much production use. The Mitchell NC, or newsreel camera, was introduced in 1933 as an attempt to better embrace the sound era with its quieter movement. The NC is one of the finest examples of a 35mm compensating link film transport, the basis of many modern day cameras such as Panavision and Moviecam. This NC was originally purchased in 1946 by Camera Equipment Company, the largest New York motion picture equipment rental house. Camera Equipment Company was founded by Frank Zucker in 1936. It was later purchased by Florman & Babb and renamed F&B CECo. Mitchell NC #374 is being offered here as a complete package, including: a 50mm Baltar lens; Mitchell sidefinder; 1000' Mitchell magazine from the Revue Studios, the television division of Universal Studios; Mitchell peanut motor; Camera Equipment Company pan/tilt head; wooden tripod; and a 2-stage Mitchell matte box with follow focus. The Mitchell NC has become more and more difficult to find over the years, so seize the opportunity to make this one yours today!

$9,500 Item #C10984

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