Modified Rackover Bell & Howell 2709

This Bell and Howell 2709 35mm camera has been custom modified to fit on a Mitchell NC rackover L-base and fitted with a Mitchell Standard door finder. The turret features 1 Nikon lens mount, 1 Arriflex Standard lens mount, and 2 Mitchell Standard lens mounts. It includes a stepper motor drive with up and down frame counters, a Mitchell magazine top, and a standard Mitchell ground glass. This camera comes out of the studio of matte and visual effects artist Rocco Gioffre where it worked on many famous feature films and television shows. This Bell & Howell 2709 is stamped with serial number 440 and was originally purchased by title, art, and production company Broda & Meyer on August 9, 1920.

$4,500 Item #C10535RG

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