35mm Acme Model 6 Optical Effects Camera

The 35mm Acme Model 6 Optical Effects camera is the ideal camera for a CG digital scanner, optical printer, animation camera, or matte painting composite camera because it produces the steadiest image of any 35mm camera out there. This camera was originally modified to take a Pentax medium format lens for Mark Sullivan, an Academy Award nominated and world famous visual effects artist, while he was working on the movie Toys starring Robin Williams. Mark chose this conversion so his images would be produced by the flattest, sharpest portion of the 2¼ inch format lens. This configuration makes this Acme Model 6 ideal for photographing matte paintings, rear projection composites, or the sharpest, cleanest tabletop plates. The camera can easily be converted back to the original Acme bellows mounted lens, or most other cine lens mounts. It went on to work on a number of other famous feature films and television shows. This camera package includes a 35mm full aperture fixed pin unit eye shuttle movement, 16/35 Cam, reflex viewfinder with registration pins, one 400' Mitchell bi-pack magazine, magazine take-up, custom Pentax medium format lens mount, stepper motor drive, linear and logarithmic fade and dissolve scale, mechanical footage counter, and buckle trip. $4,999 Item #C10279MS

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